Literary Round-Up (4.8 – 4.15)

We hope your AWP was OK, and that you still like reading after all those Tennessee Whiskey shots. Links!

The Offing has a collection of excerpts from The Racial Imaginary: Writers On Race In The Life Of The Mind. 

Here’s Benjamin Paloff on the possibilities of translation at The Nation. Still waiting on the Pig Latin translation of Ron Silliman’s The Alphabet.

The worst thing I could endure is a reading on a flight. Fuck.

Adam Douglas Thompson gave us a creepy book trailer for Helen Phillips’ forthcoming novel The Beaeutiful Bureaucrat.

Cholas are folk feminists and that is why you should say fuck you to Givenchy.

Cure that AWP hang over with a write up about AWP from Publisher’s Weekly. Next year, I’m inviting The Cobra Snake.

Scott McClanahan wrote a day-diary for Enourmous Eye. Scott is one of my favorite humans. Because he judged a nonfiction contest on a rubric he learned from Rupaul’s Drag Race. Fuck yes, Scott.

RIP Eduardo Galeano.

Pouring one out for you, too, Günter Grass.

Essayist Leslie Jamison on Chris Kraus, who has one of the most metal titles ever. I Love Dick.

Literary Round-Up (4.1-4.8)

Hey, we’re going to be at AWP! Stop by and say hi!

In the meantime, here are some links.

Did you know the LA Review of Books has a radio show? Like, you know, real radio? Last week, LA Times columnist and essayist Meghan Daum talks about the new book of essays she edited about the choice not to have kids.

Who’s Barbara Pym? A BAMF you want to know about.

Bret Easton Ellis has new a short story out. What? And it’s in The Paris Review? Wait, what? You said The Paris Review For Young Readers?

Speaking of LARB, The Offing is looking for essays. Send some essays. There’s a Truly, Madly, Deeply reference. And no, not those guys.



The listicle to end all listicles about listicles that end all the best-books-i-read-this-year listicles at Oyster Books.

Huge congratulations to Atticus Lish on his novel’s win for the PEN/Faulkner Award. Yes!

The Toast has an exhaustive, definitive list of all the New England novels ever written ever.

It sort of sounds insane that MFA candidates whisper about books in the halls, like a cult. But we back Blake Butler’s assessment of Mary Robison’s very strange and very great Why Did I Ever over at VICE.

And, finally, the best literary quote from all the link round-ups this weekend, courtesy of Lydia Davis: “I found the writing flat and shallow, and the characters less than interesting, so there went that idea.”


Literary Round-Up (3.25 – 4/1)

We have links! And a bunch of bad jokes in honor of today.

This New Yorker piece on adjuncts makes us sad.

Hey, did you know that a year at NYU cost’s $71,000? It’s probably because NYU is like, really poor, but really appreciates its student body, so they’re trying a new thing called asking their staffers to help pay for students’ tuition.

xTx tries to find her loveless, sexless book a partner on Tinder. I admit: I swiped left. :(.

Eula Biss on Heidi Julavits’ latestThe Folded Clock, a diary meets essay meets mind-fuckery, at the New York Times.

Juliet Escoria interviews Amelia Gray about her new book Gutshot over at VICE, wherein Gray says the Bible has “a pretty good ending.”

Regular old Cyrano over here.  (copyright HBO).

Regular old Cyrano over here. (copyright HBO).

The Hairpin proves that neurotics are the best romantics. Translation: Larry David is the new Don Juan.

This little journal called The Evergreen Review that published people like Samuel Beckett Jean-Paul Sartre is coming back!

PEN has a short excerpt from Richard Weiner’s The Game For Real. It’s probably the only time you can use “Kafkaesque” without sounding like a complete idiot.

That one time you thought “I wish Roxane Gay would tell me how to write essays good” happened on Twitter.

Help! You’re an instructor of creative writing and have run out of fiction prompts for your students. Electric Literature is here to help you. Two words: Potty Apocalypse.